Environmental Organizations
The topic of this page of Ban the Bag Brigade wiki is to point out the other organizations small and large that do diferent thing to protect,conserve or restore natural areas. These environmental organizations have done many things to protect the environment. It could be doing something like Earth Rangers who give kids the power to help the environment or it could be be doing something like signing a petition for WWF to help save more and more species form endangerment to extingtion.

Earth Rangers: http://www.earthrangers.org/en-us/AboutUs/Overview.aspx

The Earth Rangers believe that children have the power to change the world and the environment. They are working so kids can have the right to have a healthy planet, just like the generations before them. They believe that unless we start doing something about the damage being done to the environment now that children will not have a safe and healthy future. They agree that everyone should have a chance at a green environment, especially children. Also they are a charitable organization so we can donate our money to them. Along with helping children have a safe and healthy environment they help animals too. They support and take action on the fact that there are many endangered animals and part of there mission is to safe all of those animals because they have the same rights as humans to a clean and green environment.

Evergreen Brickworks Campaign
The Evergreen Brick Works Campaign is run buy the organization Evergreen. Evergreen is currently attempting to achieve 55 million dollars to renovate the facility. What they plan to do is to change the facility into an international showcase to show new green design all year-long. Currently the Brickworks offer the Farmers Market, guided Nature Walks and Conservation Fairs. All of these current and future activities fall under something the Brickworks has called the Four Fundamental Themes – Innovation & Discovery, Food & Community, Natural & Cultural Heritage and Gardening & Greening.

Innovation & Discovery – When this campaign is completed, the Brickworks will introduce the new discovery of newer design.

Food & Community – This includes many programs which include activities for at-risk youth. The Brickworks also promotes local foods, which is a healthier source of food.

Natural & Cultural Heritage – The site where the Brickworks is situated started out as a paper mill which then turned to the Brickworks and now is an environmental site. The Brickworks, instead of destroying and building new buildings, re-use the old ones and creating a better building along with its history.

Gardening & Greening – the Brickworks runs programs where families are educated on local foods, plant gardening, green design and our ravines eco-system.

The Evergreen Brickworks work alongside with many people the main ones being….

Toronto District School Board – the TDSB use the facilities as a learning center for the students and a training center for the teachers and parents.

The University of Toronto – The University provides academic support and material for events about environmental issues. The students also volunteer for many different projects around the city.

Moorelands Community Services – Moorelands uses the venue to provide disabled children with positive experiences. This is very similar to what Ooch does in the sense that they attempt to provide the children with a good experience.

YMCA of Greater Toronto – The YMCA provide the disabled youth skill training and jobs.

The other partners are…
Bridgepoint Health
The Gardner Museum of Ceramic Art
Jamie Kennedy
Outward Bound Canada
Eva’s Pheonix

Toronto Envrionmental Aliance

:click here to go to thier site
Toronto Environmental Alliance or TEA is an environmental organization in Toronto. I chose to research this organization because it’s a local organization and I would like to see what initiatives and campaigns they have that effect the local area.
TEA’s goal is to achieve a green, clean Toronto and area. They work to achieve that goal by having campaigns and initiatives that span from cleaning the toxins out of the Toronto watershed to preserving the Toronto Green Belt. They do this by getting volunteers to raise awareness and point out what would be the most effective ways of preservation and restoration. They have a hands-on volunteer program where people meet at a point in Toronto and help with TEA’s campaigns. They are a non-profit organization which means that they don’t take money for themselves. They spend it on campaigns and projects. This organization is not as large as other organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund but World Wildlife Fund doesn’t touch urban areas. TEA does a great job on conserving the natural areas of Toronto and the surrounding area.

World Wildlife Fund
: http://www.worldwildlife.org/
One organization that helps the environment is called the World Wildlife Fund (or WWF). I chose this organization to research because this organization is well known for animal preservation and environment sustainability. Many people and activists like this organization because they help the environment by preserving certain environmental areas in need.
The WWF organization works on the protection of animals and environment bio-diversity.
I would recommend it because most of the spending they have is spent on environmental projects and campaigns, rather than on advertising and administration. For example, they have projects such as the preservation of the Canada’s pacific coastline, which is one of their many campaigns across the globe. This is where they protect certain areas before development happens, because once development occurs, the surrounding areas can be destroyed by logging. This limits biodiversity and limits the range of animal habitats. They are also concerned with the ocean. They protect against bottom trawling, which is where fishers take a net and run it along the floor of the ocean, killing animals they don’t want, destroying coral reefs and limiting bio-diversity of the area. They also educate the people of the area about endangered species of the area, and how they can develop land without hurting the environment.

If people want to get involved, WWF has many petitions to the government to protect animals and geographic areas.

David Suzuki Foundation: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/About_us/

The David Suzuki Foundation mainly focuses on oceans, sustainability, climate change, clean energy and sustainable fishing. The are also part of the Nature Challenge. The David Suzuki focuses on promoting ideas for solutions for the environment through science and programs to educate future generations on what they can do to help.